Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry and Bright
I hope you had yourself a merry little Christmas. We did. The kiddos raked in goodies and gift cards, and I had a good time visiting with family. I am planning on scrapping sometime this weekend (maybe saturday..i just might sign up for archivers 12 hour crop if it is open). I have some pics to print at Sams, and want to hit some of the after christmas sales for a new tree.
Here are some pics of the kiddos and chris. As usual, I am not in any of them. bummer.
Riles and her garbage truck
the kiddos
this was so painful
She loves christmas (just like gma pat). Merry Christmas to all.


supermom said...

a garbage truck. now, that is totally riles. oh my. she is so funny! great pics. :O)

Cindy said...

Man, I FEEL Danno's pain by the look on his face.........haha. He is at that age, isn't he?