Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nine more days till school starts!
Riles and Danno are already for school..well..at least ONE of them is excited. lol.. danny is just not happy about school. Even tho this year he gets a locker and everything. Riles is happy as a clam. She loves school, and loves to go. I hope she always has a love of learning.
I went and registered them tonight...thanks to jason for reminding me! lol..
The cost for school this year:
1. 2 children elementary fees 50.00
2. Back to School supplies approximately 50.00 with backpacks included
3. Clothing 150.00 (they really only needed shoes and jeans)
4. School lunch and extra milk for riles in the pm.. 20.00 a month (I am making my children take their lunch.. school lunch is up to 1.55 a day. Danny doesn't eat it, and riles will want to take hers cause he is..lol..) They each asked if they could eat hot lunch once in a while.
5. School pictures ONE week after school starts..undetermined amount..don't have the info.
6. Getting rid of the little buggers so i can enjoy my ONE MEASLY week of summer vacation...priceless.. (not really) i miss taking them to the elephant museum, the zoo, the movies, and just lounging around the house eating ice cream and popcorn.

have a good wednesday


grandmacarnes said...

Nice update, now more pictures! I live for them, I posted one on my blog today.

Jules said...

Wow...school is getting closer and closer. My dd has teacher workshops starting tomorrow! Where did the summer go!