Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goin to the river, goin to the river!
We are getting ready to head out to the river. I made BLT salad (cause aunt brammy didn't want to!), and tortilla roll ups. Yeah me. I am a good cook...just don't like to. I don't like the whole process of it all.. i bet chris is just wondering what happened. When we lived together (shh..don't tell) and first married, I cooked awesome meals. Now, he makes chicken on the grill. I tell ya tho.. the man can cook anything in a crockpot.
I took some ok pics at the river yesterday. I am taking turtis and stacy's engagement pics today. We'll see how they come out. I think i have my settings fixed on my camera, so the sharpness is better. Fickel and I are supposed to take their wedding pics in Oct. I am nervous. I wish she would have gotten a professional photographer. this is too special of a day for me to do the coverage! lol.. i am a bit nervous. It will be okay tho.
Gearing up to welcome 17 children into our classroom on Wednesday. I wish I had more time to get ready. Of course, are you really ever ready?
Well.. i need to go add the ranch dressing to the blt salad.

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