Saturday, March 29, 2008

2nd verse same as the first...just one year later..
Well..we had an interesting night last night. We got a phone call from Grandma C at about 1:30 in the morning. Danny had another seizure, probably scared the last 10 years off her life, and we got to go to children's in the ole ambulance again. This time he had another seizure IN the actual ER. We got admitted rather quickly after that, and we came come late this afternoon. GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO GRANDMA PAT...THANKS FOR KEEPING THE RILES FOR US! So, they sent him home today on a drug called Keppra to take to help keep seizures under control. I have to make an appointment for him on Monday to have an EEG done. Then we will go from there. Please keep us in your prayers that these are just flukes and won't amount to anything. We can only hope. Peace and hugs to all,


supermom said...

oh boy, sending lots of prayers! i hope he is ok! hugs, karen :O)

grandmacarnes said...

I thought the EEG was yesterday, I am sitting on pins and needles hoping it isn't anything serious....I hate the waiting.