Monday, March 10, 2008

I have decided to join weight watchers again. I will be attending meetings in a town near me with a coworker. I am thinking positively about this. I need to do something to lose weight again. I was on a great track, but need to start again.
I ordered the kids laptop lunches lunch box. I am going to order one for me.
What I used to think was a positive thing, turns out to be not so positive. In Head Start, we serve family style meals. That means, the adults and students sit down and eat breakfast and lunch, together. We pass the food around and round, and then when everyone has their serving, we eat. The only thing is, even though we have a dietician, I will take my own lunch. This way, I can actually measure, and prepare my own food. So, I am going to order my own laptop lunch system, and hope it works for me.
Here I go again.

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grandmacarnes said...

I'm ready to do the walking again. Just let me know, I plan to go after work tonight. First nice day all year, don't want to miss out on the opportunity to walk.