Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miss Fix-it..attitude required...
If you know my daughter you know
1. She is a TOMBOY.
2. She loathes the color pink...see #1.
3. She has aquired an attitude from some descendent way down the line (ahem...mom).
So...at her 5th birthday party noone was surprised when her presents were, hotwheel cars, hotwheel car playset, CARS carwash, a john deere bike, a spiderman bike helmet, a stick pony, AND a John Deere TOOLBOX. Now, she plays with them all, her brother plays with her, but that toolbox...has become her third arm. She loves it, and carries it everywhere. She laid down on the couch last night "just to rest mom" and put it beside her on the floor. She fell asleep with it next to her. So, lots of thanks to "aunt deyanne" for finding the toolbox. It totally makes the outfit when she rides her john deere bike, with her john deere boots, and her john deere toolbox is "bungeed" to the rack on the back.

going green in Iowa,



supermom said...

adorable! auntie deanne can always pick the PERFECT gift!

Deanne said...

I want to see a picture of it bungeed to the bike! :)
Love ya.
Auntie D.