Sunday, May 20, 2007

Two posts in one day!
Here are some pics of the kiddos too. Again, I only have a few of Danny. He has asked me to stop taking so many pictures of him, (quit interupting him is what he actually asked me) and just let him play. do I get pics of my OTHER child? He is my very favorite person, how can I scrap without pictures of my danno? Hmphf...growing up sucks.
Riley was crowned "BEST HUGGER" at her program last week. I wonder why? Here are some pics from her program. (i will have to post more hug pictures later..blogger is being tempermental)


supermom said...

that is just too cute. i love the pic of her hugging the teacher. so very sweet.

Deanne said...

I just love this little lady!! She has such a personality. Tell Danno that it's just too bad if he doesn't want his picture taken, when he gets older he will regret not having pictures of all the fun he had as a kid!! I still love that camera!!
Love to all
Auntie D

JEN said...

I absolutely love the pictures! She is sooo cute! I can just tell from the pictures that she has an outstanding personality! (Especially if she is YOUR daughter! heehee!!)