Sunday, May 20, 2007

I finally downloaded pics from my camera. I got some really good pics these last few weeks, and decided to share them with you. I would like to introduce my sisters to Fickel. Fickel is my favorite buddy. She puts up with me at scrappin' crops! Almost 12 hours of sitting next to moi! Gotta love her for that!

(fickel is on the left)


huskers said...

How can you post such a bad pic of me??? You are so funny!! I can't wait to scrap next Saturday as I need some therapy time!! You are my favorite person to scrap with also!!

supermom said...

no, i thought fickel was on the right. are you sure she is on the left???? hmmm??? nice to see a face with a name. hi fickel!

Deanne said...

Hello Fickel, it's nice to finally put a picture with a face!! Wendy will have to bring you along to a get together sometime so you can meet the POB's in person!!

Deanne said...

Ha Ha Ha, I am such a retard. I meant to say put a picture with a name!! :)

huskers said...

Nice to meet you ladies!! I still can't beleive Wendy that you put this pic here.