Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am feeding and watering my blog. guys know I can kill silk plants right? lol
I have NO IDEA what to blog about, so I will just ramble.
I had a great mother's day, nothing from my hubby of course(cause I bought my cricut bag) but I got wonderful cards and flowers from the kids (thanks grandma pat!) and two beautiful hanging doileys (have no idea how to spell that word) that I can put pictures in (thanks again pat!). I can't wait to print some pics to put in them.
Riles had her end of the year program last week, and I got some awesome pictures from that.
Danny also had HIS spring program last week, and I got some amazing photos of most of the nieces and nephews from that as well.
This weekend will be busy, because we have a graduation (this is just the beginning..for the next TWELVE years, I have a niece or nephew graduating!...sometimes there will be SEVERAL graduating gotta include those great nieces and nephews!). Then my sister, Michelle, and her hubby jason are having a poker party..gonna be SOOOOOOOOO fun!
Fickel and are most welcome to come! We are gonna have an awesome time! let me know.
I also broke my cell phone last weekend...yes..i had to go 4 days without my phone! GACKK>>>The horrors! But, I got my new one in the mail, and everything is all set up. I even added some new friends to my fickel beware! I have you on speed dial sister! lol..can't wait to scrap again. Isn't awesome when you can add people to your list of friends? I know I am weird, annoying, and moody, but honestly, I don't make friends that easy, so this moment was special.

There are only FOUR days left until summer vacation! WAHOOOO!!! NO more pain in the know who!! Yeah! I can lounge around in my jammies all day!
Well, when i get my pics uploaded I will post some more pics, this post is brought to you by the letters I b l o g g e d and the symbol !.
Love ya

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JEN said...

You freaking crack me up! I seriously laughed out loud with your sponsorship call out! HA HA...I'm jealous of you only having 4 days left. I SOOOO wanted to be a teacher so I could have my summers off - you lucky duck! I'm anxiously awaiting for you to post some pics of Riley and Danny...I'm sure Riley will make me laugh like she always does! :)