Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hello y'all!
I thought I would check in with everyone since I have not been a very good blogger. The new job is still very challenging. I have tried to implement some things I think will work, but I am finding some co-workers resistant to change. I guess I am way to flexible in my teaching..who knows. I do know that I will NOT let this situation that I walked into and have had no HELP in creating tarnish my teaching with that, if before christmas things have not gotten a bit better...(now I am not asking for giant leaps and golden rainbows here...I am talking baby little as they stop and look at me when they hear my voice..or they can stand in line without kicking, shoving, biting, hitting, spitting, or yelling.) I will ask for another assignment within the Preschool programs. Who Knows what will happen..I do know I will NOT let 20 3, 4, and 5 year olds run my classroom any longer! lol
till next time..

P.S..i still DO NOT have my tree up, presents wrapped (at least they are bought), stockings taken care of, or gotten into the christmas, for my birthday don't you wish you knew what Chris got me! lol


grandmacarnes said...

I have been wondering what you will do, I think that you should give it a little more time, behavior that is this out of control may take longer to change than you think. I just heard of a book that might work, Mini Methods or Madness. Written by a couple from Omaha that teaches children that have some of the worst behaviors. There is a huge waiting list to get into their school. Might be worth getting. sells it for $14. If anybody can make a difference, I think you can. Maybe the other teacher needs to be removed. Cindy

supermom said...

i second what grandmacarnes says.