Saturday, December 09, 2006

I am officially in my 30's...again.
Yesterday was my birthday...well...yesterday as in 30 minutes ago. As I look back at my life, I have realized all I have accomplished, and a lot I still want to do.
There are many things in my life I still want to accomplish.
1. finish my Master's Degree..I will start classes in January.
2. Be more patient with my own kids...this is a catch 22 for me. All day long, I can be as patient and pleasant as can be with other people's children..but when I get home..holy hell...frakenwendy emerges. I am not proud of is something I want to work on.
3. Be a better wife, mother, lover, sister, friend. I want to be there more for my family and friends. I will work on this, too.
4. I want to let things people say roll off my back more..ya know..the things people like to pin on you.. something that 1) you had no control in, or 2) something that was totally not your business..sorry..I get caught up in my own life
5. Be more assertive. I used to be very I tend to bite my tongue in order to keep the peace..well..I am not willing to do that anymore.
6. Be a better, more effective teacher. There are certain aspects in my teaching I would like to refine.
7. Be more optimistic. I tend to be pessimistic, and I need to generate hope in my students. I work in an inner city school..these children deserve optimism.
8. Be more creative. I tend to get stuck in ruts, and I want to make sure my children have family traditions documented to pass down to future generations.
9. Be more open to change. I am a creature of habit..certain things have to be a certain way..i am willing to change some habits.
10. Just be..enjoy being just me..plain ole wendy.


huskers said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!! I thought about you yesterday and hoped that you were having a great BIRTHDAY! To be 30 again....I can only dream. Have a great year!!


Anonymous said...

Hey ya! I am pretty sure that I remembered to send you an email wishing you a Happy B-Day! If you didn't get it then I sent it to the wrong email address again! Love you and hope you had a Great Day!