Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I started my new job today in a larger (very large considering the town I grew up in) city's school district. I am a preschool teacher for the Head Start program, and I am team teaching with another teacher. Now..this teacher and I are fairly good friends. We went to college together, and live just several miles from each other. It was she, who told me about the open positions. Neither one of us have an early childhood degree...scary huh? OMflippingG! There is NO classroom control in this room!! I walked in to kids climbing on center shelves, running around the room screaming at the top of their lungs. OMFG! I don't know if i can do this...I don't know if I am strong enough for this. God help me...I have to...because I am the teacher, I AM the teacher..


huskers said...

Wendy, I know that you are strong enough to handle these kids. Just remember that you CAN make a difference in a child's life. Maybe by the time you get done with these kids they will have love and respect for you and the other teacher.
Keep your chin up and keep reachin for the stars!!!!


supermom said...

oh girl, you can do it. think positive and take baby steps. YOU CAN DO THIS. i was gonna call you but will wait till this weekend to see how things are. you may just need time to wind down at night.

grandmacarnes said...

This classroom must not have had a teacher that could handle it, so, you have got to set hard rules, and fast. Get a handle on it right now, set the pace. Once you have control, it will be a lot better. I will be at the Hot Shops open house this weekend, all day Sat and Sun. Will be thinking of you, call me if you want. Cindy