Saturday, November 18, 2006

Guess What??

I have an interview on Monday at 2:00 for a preschool postition through OPS. The pay is considerably higher than what FM pays their first year teachers. Wish me luck!
I am still substituting at FM. What was supposed to be a four week assignment has turned into 8-12 weeks. The teacher is trying to come back half days after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I am a preschool teacher by then.
I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

10 things I am thankful for:

10. My new mp3 player, which is what I am listening to right now.
9. My digital camera..even if it isn't the Canon Digital Rebel.
8. Scrapbooking..
7. Being able to enrich the minds of future minds! (Just think...this generation will be taking care of you in the nursing home!)
6. My family... I am the youngest of 8 children. For the most part, my family is close. I know if at anytime I need them, all I have to do is pick up the phone. ANY of them will be there if necessary. There great like that. Thanks all..I love you!
5. My mom just turned 69. Sometimes she drives me completely insane..and she doesn't fit the "maternal mother mold." But, she is my mom. My parents did the best they could. Could their best have been better? Probably, but I know I don't always do my best with my kids..They did the best they could. My dad passed away in June of 2003. I miss you old man.
4. Pat and wonderful mother and father in law. These people are truly amazing. Truly. Pat is a tiny, petite woman who has a heart bigger than Texas. We always receive cards for any occasion, she babysits Miss Riles on Tues. and Thurs. after preschool, and she makes everything seem ok. Blackie (or Papa Ed as Riles calls him) is a big, burly man who likes to make people think he is rough and gruff..yeah..i see him with a pint sized three year old. This child makes him is very interesting and touching to watch. I love you guys too!
3. My freedom..I am truly blessed to live in this country. I have the right to choices, freedoms, and to call Chris my favorite name for him ( know what it is) without getting beaten. Haha..!! Honestly, I am proud of our country. I am honored and humbled by the men and women who defend this country everyday, and all they ask in return is to love our flag. Thanks to my dad, husband, brothers, brother in law, and father in law for their service to our country. Ronald, Chris, Mike, Ron, Jason, and Blackie (Ed) you are the reason my son is a "Future American Soldier." What better role models could he have? How awesome is it to have 6 real life heros around for your whole life? He is a very lucky boy, and I am a very lucky woman to have (or had) such wonderful men in my life. Thank you all..from the bottom of my heart.
2. Danny and Riley. They both have to share this line..because heaven forbid if one is higher on my list..not that I am listing things in the order I am most thankful for..but ya is why I am thankful for them.
Danny. Danny, Danny, Danny. Danny is my first born. The one who initiated me into motherhood. Danny is the one who lights up my world. Danny is the one, who says.."Hey mom..guess what? You've been a mom for almost a whole decade." Nice..Really tho..he is an amazing child..full of laughter, questions, and silly antics. He is truly a good person. His heart is good, his attitude..well..could be better..but hey, he's 9.
Riles..oh my precious riles..if we make it to age four..i deserve a medal. Riley is a mini-me. Attitude, impatient, and all! She has this smirk (she gets it from Chris), that always makes me laugh. When she is surprised..her eyebrows go up, and her eyes light up. She is the one who loves to help me. She likes to help me cook, do laundry, clean (when that actually happens anyway) and read. She loves to sit on my lap while I am reading a book (my own) and "read"one of mine too. I am so thankful I raised 2 children with a love of reading. I love them both tremendously.
1. Chris. I kissed alot of frogs to find my prince. His crown may be tarnished and lopsided, but Chris is a good man. He is a wonderful husband and father. He is giving, trusting, and has a wonderful (warped) since of humor. I fell in love with him as I watched him put together a wagon with a three (almost four) year old at his feet, asking him thousands of questions, and never getting impatient with him. (Course we all know he just wanted to get into my pants..but hey..he's still here. After almost 6 years..he's still here.) He is the one constant of my life. He lets me scrapbook until midnight..calling to make sure I am ok..He came to another town Thurs. night to change my tire (while I was at a CTMH party) and told me to watch for deer. He is dependable. He is a hard worker. He provides for his family, and doesn't complain. He lets me buy scrapbook stuff. He looks (really looks) at my scrapbook pages and is genuinely interested in them. more thing..he's adorable when he's.........smiling!
These are the things I am thankful for..what are you thankful for?

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grandmacarnes said...

You took me by surprise posting that picture of Dad, I love reading what you are thankful for. I am feeling a little beat up after reading Karen's blog today. Seems I kept her from realizing her dreams. So, you are right, you can always do better as a parent. But, kids don't come with instructions books. You do it the way you do it, let the chips fall where they may. Good luck on the interview. I will pray for you while you are there. Love ya. Cindy