Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Guess What???!!??

I am so freaking excited! I had my second interview with Omaha Public School District today for a preschool position....I GOT IT! I start on Wednesday. WAHOOO!!! I have my own classroom. Plus, Chris got me a cricut for xmas, and I already have it! Well...technically I picked it up..but the money was his!

Now..on another note. My sisters and I might be interested in going on a girls weekend away..probably in the spring. Where should we go? Chicago? Vegas? Washington D.C.? Hmm..give me some ideas people..sisters too! Where do we want to go??


supermom said...

you go girl. i am so excited for you and your job. you are sooooo good at what you do. i know you will touch many of the children's lives and will give them hope when the need it the most.

the CRICUT, waaaaa waaaaa. i want one.

vacations, what about Kansas City, or I recommend Chicago, i love chicago, so many fun things to do and cheap flights.

grandmacarnes said...

WEll, if everybody would download DING! From southwest airlines, we could get dirt cheap prices on flights. I just purchased a flight to Phoenix for $66 one way. I just saw Vegas flights for $54 on there, and I see them to Orlando for $61 all the time right now. I am willing, and I must have missed the conversation you all had. Cindy

Anonymous said...

woohoo! What school will you be working for? I'm so jealous about the cricut! I want one so bad!!!
How about Mall of America?! That is always a fun trip. Like Cindy said - Southwest has some great deals on flights. Chicago is really cheap usually. Good luck! Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!! :)