Saturday, November 04, 2006 pictures of my kiddos..

Yesterday we went to Portrait Innovations and had the kids' pictures taken. Wow..great pictures, but they really need to adjust their schedule times better.
We got there at 10:30 (our appointment was at 10:40) and didn't get our pictures taken until 11:30. Then, we had to wait to choose our pictures (that took an hour) and then we had to wait an hour for them to be printed..needless to say, it was crazy. BUT..I got some wonderful pictures..and a free disk of ALL the photos taken during the shoot. hmm...

here are my favorites:

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grandmacarnes said...

Those pictures are just awesome! I so wanted to take my grandbabies when they were here to get their pictures taken, but it was too far. They would not have tolerated such a long wait, after driving an hour to get there! But, the pictures are so GOOD!!! Cindy