Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pray for Haddie..
Stacy posted an update on Haddie this morning. There really hasn't been much change since yesterday here is her post..

-No change really. She is still on the vent, her heart is now relying on her pacemaker so they are pretty sure they will have to put a permanet one in. Can't maintain blood pressure very well but she's "stable"-
I cannot begin to tell you how very much this little girl and her family mean to me. The relationships she has fostered in just her birth and being on this earth is astronomical. People her parents would never had met who are supporting them during this very difficult time would not have happpened if not for her. Hadleigh is (usually) a happy girl. She loves her daddy, momma, and big sister Faylynn(Fay) very much. I was there visiting her last Friday. Haddie woke up looking for Fay(we were reading a duckling book, which Fay LOVED)because she heard her voice. When Fay went to the bed and Stacy lifted her up, all I saw was this chubby little arm waving hi to Fay from the bed. It was so cute to witness that. Stacy and Curtis are amazing parents. The love they have for each other and their children is evident in everything they do. Please pray for them. Even if you are not the praying kind, please pass on this info to someone who will. PLEASE. We need everyone's prayers for this strong, brave girl.
There has been a group started on Facebook. Praying for Miss Hadleigh. Please join us. There is a profile picture available on the cause's page if you would like to make it yours.
Thank you for taking the time to think about our girl and her family.

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