Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here are some cards I have made lately. I made the ice cream cone card for my niece stacy's daughters (my great nieces) Faylynn and Hadleigh. I cannot even beging to tell you how much fun I have with these 2 girls. Hadleigh is like a bright light. When she smiles the whole room feels it. Fay is very spicy. She is another spirited soul just like my riles.

The card in the middle with the worm on it is for one of danny's 6th grade teachers (i am bad..just now getting it sent off). She went over and beyond to help danny this year. She was simply amazing.

The cupcake card is for stacy. The last few weeks have been so very hard for her, I thought she needed a smile.



supermom said...

great cards, did you score some nesties?

Wendy said...

thanks!..i am waiting until i come back from the crop this weekend to buy