Monday, June 01, 2009

My "New" Scrap space..
I revamped my scap space the past couple of weeks. I had a huge 6 ft banquet table in this space and it really took up too much it was a huge dumping ground. Well..thanks to my good friends (who helped me use 3 mike's coupons at girls) I bought 5 jetmax cubes from mikes and made my new space. I need one more, but want one that has 2 shelves in it..waiting for mikes to get them in...preferrably this week as I have a 50% off coupon.

Anyway, the tabletop is 4ft long by 28 inches wide ( i think..premade shelf from menards). The top shelf is albums 2 of them are completed, the rest are empty, the bottom shelf is for something..just haven't figured out what yet.
This is going to be my "cutting space". I plan on putting the other cube right on top of the other one, and placing another premade shelf on top of those. I will then sit my expression on top so it has it's own "home."
It isn't much, but man I am so organized now. I have a more efficient space to scrap when I am at home. (the turkey is one danny made when he was in pre-k..isn't it cute?)


Cindy said...

so much nicer to have your own space.

supermom said...

looks great!