Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Found this post on the Cricut board
it is from the Dr. Laura website...we are making cards tomorrow and mailing them as soon as they are done..

Send a Note of "Thank You For Your Service and Happy Birthday" to Sgt. Thornhill
Send a Note of "Thank You For Your Service and Happy Birthday" to Sgt. Thornhill. Sgt. Daniel Thornhill was seriously injured in Afghanistan two years ago by a suicide bomber. This soldier has lost both legs, is paralyzed from the waist down and has suffered severe burns over his arms, hands and body. He has been rehabbing at the Fisher House in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. ( article: Veteran loses limbs in battle, but not hope) His parents have reached out for support -- not financially, but they are asking for as many service members, veterans, and others as possible to please send him a birthday card. His birthday is this coming week and it would be nice if a lot of us send him a note to show him how much we love him for what he has sacrificed for his country. And if you're in the in the San Antonio area, stop by and visit not only this troop but others who may be in the same situation and Sgt. Thornhill and his family. Please brighten the day of a hero.
Mailing address:Sgt. Daniel Thornhill
Fort Sam Houston Fisher House
3623 George C. Beach Rd
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234

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