Thursday, January 29, 2009

Need your help and ideas..
Ok, i am the least creative person. I have a little girl in my class who is not a napper. She is loud, very spirited, and was uncontrollable my first three days in this classroom. She is now laying quietly for at least 15 minutes on her cot. I bribe her with marshmallows. She lays quietly for 15 minutes she gets a marshmallow (in a baggie, to take home). Today she laid quietly for 30 minutes. Then I let her have a stack of books, one of which is the 3 bears.. she loves this book, and a magnetic set of the 3 bears, goldilocks, and 3 chairs. She sat quietly for the rest of naptime playing with this magnetic set. HOLY COW BATMAN! I cut this set out with my cricut, laminated it, and put magnets on the back. That's it. It was all cut with scraps too. So, I am making some different magnetic sets, and sticking them to a cookie sheet for nap time. I NEED COOKIE SHEETS! I am looking for some gently used cookie sheets, I am going to spray paint them. If you have any you would like to donate, please email or call me. If you have any small cookie sheets, that would be wonderful!
This is what I thought I would make:

Red Riding Hood and characters
Gingerbread Man and characters
cars, signs, and paint a road on one of the cookie sheets,
her first name
numbers (include dice, she rolls the dice, finds the number that matches it)
counter pieces (she rolls a dice with numbers, not dots, places that many counters on the cookie sheet)
Shapes, small cookie sheets are a different shape, she places all the same on each cookie sheet
colors, she places the same color counter on the color cookie sheet
princesses (cause everyone deserves a day to just play)
cars (thanks fickel for letting me borrow your cars cartridge, like several moons ago)
I am going to use some leftover chalkboard paint and paint a chalkboard on one of the sheets, and.....
community helpers (thanks to my community cart) AND and now i am blank.
i have no idea what else to do, any ideas??


Cindy said...

Lord, you lost me after the first one, I am not creative, you were a born teacher. I guess you take after Wanda.............

supermom said...

ummm, HELLO, not creative??? whatever! oh my, this is such a CREATIVE/CLEVER idea. FYI, Dollar Tree has cookie sheets for, you guessed it.....$1. i love the Dollar Tree! Hopefully, you can find one very close to you.

JEN said...

UMMM you..NOT CREATIVE?! HELLLLOOO!!! This sounds like a great idea! You are the BOMB! I wish all teachers would go out of their way for students. You inspire! :o)