Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going through pictures...
man it stinks! I have a very hard time deleting ANY pictures from my computer, but gosh, the poor thing is about to has so many photos on it. I do back up the ones I edit to CD's, but I still keep quite a few on both my computers. While going through folders on my laptop, I found this pic I took of "Tater" at Jake and Emilee's Wedding. My heart broke for her because she wanted Uncle Jake to pick her up and dance with her..while he was having his first "married" dance with Em. I love this photo. I think I am going to enlarge it and hang it up.
Enjoy, (tomorrow, if I get around to it, be prepared for the Riles in her panties, spongebob pj pants, on her head, and nothing else.)



Dirtbikes and Divas said...

Oh my gosh, my heart is melting....this is priceless!! What an awesome shot!! Were there any tears made during this production????

Wendy said...

yes..she cried and i believe grandma picked her up :) the rest of us just kinda melted.