Thursday, November 15, 2007

why do you suppose?
the grass is green instead of purple?
smurfs were blue?
kamakazi pilots wore helmets?
Riley doesn't like pink cause its for girls? (go figure on that one)
Danny won't let me take his picture anymore?
On a side note, to all the family Riles' xmas program is on Dec. 2nd this year at 4 or 4:30. I will double check the time (this is a sunday) from what i understand it will be the christmas story or something similar. I don't have all the details yet, but will probably get them soon. I have no idea why it is a sunday this year, other than the fact Pooh services students from 4 school districts, and with all of their school programs and only 3 weeks in December to get them done, they ran out of options.

Update on Hadleigh,
I guess they will be doing her surgery sometime the week after Thanksgiving. Stacy said they really won't know the exact date until the time gets closer. I am planning on going up the day of surgery. Just to be there for stacy, turtis, and of course granny (aka kathy).
ok.. later gators, i have homework to do..gots me a 10 page paper to on the 1st!
(Also, on Dec. 8th. we are scrapping at the's my birfday...JEN if you are in the area STOP BY, or call and see if you can get on the list!

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