Sunday, November 18, 2007

Only 4 more sleeps! Then it will be Thanksgiving Day!
Riles told me this at 7:00 this morning, after I had just gone to bed at 4:30. She is excited because she is spending the night with Grandma and Papa. Chris and I are going shopping the day after Thanksgiving, and he wants to get up EARLY. He is the one who is excited. Me, i just want to get all the shopping done. I have a good start, but need some little stuff for the kiddos. Including stocking stuffers. I have danny's jolly red fat man present, but need ms. riles'. I think she is going to get the VSmile..but not the pink one, that's for girls! (geesh..what was i thinking!)

I have to renew my teaching license this month. OUCH! It is expensive. are some pictures of Mindy and Fickel when we were in Kansas City.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
(Mindy) (Fickel)

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