Monday, March 19, 2007

Riley Turns 4 (FOUR!)

Riley will turn 4 (FOUR) tomorrow! How exciting, and incredibly sad for me. I love the new stages she is in right now(granted, I would LOVE if she would outgrow some of them!). However, her birthday is bittersweet. It reminds me I won't hold a newborn that is my own again, or cuddle up with sweet baby breath on my neck. It reminds me that time moves entirely too fast, and i need to enjoy my children as much as i can. It reminds me I need to make sure I do the things I want with them NOW, not tomorrow, because sometimes, tomorrow doesn't come.

Happy Birthday Miss Riles. I love you sweet girl!



Deanne said...

I was thinking...WOW I know you have a better picture of Miss Riles but then I realized that this picture is sooooo Miss Riles! Happy Birthday Little Lady!! Love You.
Auntie D.

huskers said...

Happy Birthday Riles!!! Be good and have fun eating cake. I only know Miss Riles this way so I am sure it is truly her!!

supermom said...

Happy Birthday Turkey Bird!