Sunday, March 18, 2007

J.J. turns one...
My great-nephew Josh Jr.(it always makes me feel so old to type or say that!) turned one yesterday. Riles and I went to help him celebrate. He is such a cute little guy. It always amazes me at how great my nieces and nephews are as parents. The rotten stinkers that they were, are now amazing parents. I now have (umm...let me count them) i think ELEVEN great nieces and nephews. Anyay, Josh is such a happy lil guy and I am so lucky to get to see him everyday when i drop Riles off at daycare. Here are some pics of the special day.



supermom said...

you got some awesome pics. i love them. he is so ADORABLE. i just want to pick him up and squeeze him. what a cutie pie.

Deanne said...

I LOVE these pictures!! I knew you were going to have some neat ones! Mine aren't very good compared to yours. :)
Love you.