Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wow..we JUST got our power back after loosing it at 6 this morning. You never realize just exactly what you use power for, until you have to pee in the dark! Riles managed to play by herself until about 1ish and then we loaded up and went to visit Grandma in town..she had power! So much for roasting a chicken for supper.
This weekend has gone by super fast. Almost time to start figuring outfits for the week out for the kiddos..Friday night I went out with some wonderfully fun women to celebrate Fickel's birthday (some of you might know her as Husker from CKMB)..had a great dinner and lost some money at the casinos! Wonderful tho, to be out with women who love having a good time. Thanks ladies!

Yesterday we went to Chris' friend Robert's memorial service. It was hard watching his father and girls' grief. Of course, my attention was diverted a bit, because the man sitting next to Chris started having multiple seizures! I was sitting behind Chris ,because he was a honorary pallbear..Robert was cremated...and next to my SIL Michelle (who thank god is a nurse :) Let me tell was kind of freaky..good thing the funeral home owner is also on the volunteer Rescue team! Today, we lost power, so Riles and I read, played games, went to grandma's..etc. I am tired!
Have a great week..

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grandmacarnes said...

Only you would go to a funeral that involved a rescue call! HAHA. Cindy