Monday, February 19, 2007

(I always joked with him about this pic, I couldn't tell who was the turkey).
Remembering Dan...

As many of you have heard, Chris' best friend (Robert) died Friday night. At this time, what it looks like, it was a heart attack. How sad..he was only 36. He leaves behind twin girls who are 8.

This has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I don't know how to help my husband with his grief, and brings back the pain of losing my best friend 14 years ago.

His name was Dan (hmmm..wonder who my son is named after...). He was a wonderful soul. (My Chris reminds me alot of Dan. Quiet, respectful, willing to help anyone who needs it.)

I met Dan when I was 13, and visiting my brother in Milford, KS. (My brother was stationed at Fort Riley). Dan was 15 when we met. I loved Milford. Everything about it. It is so small it only had 2 bars and a gas station. However, it had an enormous lake. Dan and I would take a shortcut, and be able to walk along the rocks around the lake. This walk would take us to many private beaches, where we had A LOT of evening BBQ's, and would lead us to an old tree where teenagers before us, had tied an old rope to a branch, and we could swing out and land in the water. We would sit on the rocks or beaches and talk for hours. He was truly my best friend. We wrote each other, not a lot of letters, but enough I have a shoe box full. I haven't looked at them in years. Until Saturday. Saturday brought back the pain, and memories, and the questions..I wonder what he would be doing now. Would we still be friends? What would he think of my children? Where would he live? I know what he would look like.. I remember his lake green eyes, his lopsided smile, his gentle touch, his funny little lisp, and his wavy brown hair.. He was an amazing friend. Sadly, he was taken from me in 1993. He worked at a construction site, and was killed in an accident. I will always feel guilty about when it happened. June 25, 1993. I was to have gone to Milford and spent a week with him at his parents house, and then he was going to bring me home on Friday and spend the next week with me and be in my senior pictures. I didn't have the money to go, and wouldn't let him pay for it. He was killed on the Friday he would have taken off to bring me home. I loved him. I miss him. He is eternally young. God Bless you Robert and Dan...wherever you may be.


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huskers said...

Please know that I am here for you at any time that you need someone to talk to. Please feel free to lean on me sister!!!