Sunday, November 16, 2008

It was a sad day Friday.
We traded in our old van and bought a new one. I was surprised I felt sad. It's a car for pete's sake! lol.. I loved my old van. It was huge, I could fit a lot of stuff in the back (just ask deb and mindy). I felt really bad about leaving her all by her lonesome to be taken (probably) for scrap. She blew a gasket..literally. The head gasket went out, and we didn't want to mess with it. So, I now have an 08 little beauty who has a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty. I need a name. My old van was greta, my little red car was jezzie, my blue car didn't have a name, and my truck was howard. Any suggestions? Here is half a picture. (It was cold this morning, and I was in my jammies).



supermom said...

nice Ride! yeee haw! noodles turned out great. got some fine tuning to do, but not bad for the first time! :O)

grandmacarnes said...

Wow, I love that van, surprised I didn't know this, but I have been a glass melting fool for the past 2weekends!!!

I am a believer in naming things after we know their personalities. That van looks like a Claire to me, but I would wait and see what her personality is first. HAHA.

Deanne said...

Belle - short for blue belle

Deanne said...

What's the job status?