Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hello..ghouls and boys..
pics of the kiddos dressed up for halloween..
Riles robot costume didn't quite pan out (it hurt her arms), and danny couldn't find all of his armor (he was a spartan soldier). Here they are in their "last minute" costumes. Eventually Danny didn't wear the helmet, and just carried the ax and shield. Riles used danny's old vampire cape. THANKS to aunt dianne who picked up the vampire teeth and dropped them off at 9pm. We went to tabor trick or treating (Riles with dude, danny with logan). Dude and Riles were done by 8ish, and I think logan and danny were the last trick or treaters left, arriving back at brandy's about 9-9:30. We had lots of fun, and got way too much candy.

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supermom said...

aaawwweeee! bet they had lots of fun. hope riles is feeling better soon! :O)