Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just your typical summer day...
We went to the river on memorial day weekend. The kiddos always have such a great time. I love to see how dirty they both get. One of their very favorite things to do is dig in the dirt/sand. Chick digs these really huge holes that she can almost stand in, and the others try to follow suit. Then they try to connect the holes so they try to dig tunnels. It is fun to watch. Not much going on in our world. We take mom back to the dr today, hopefully we will have a course of treatment so we aren't in limbo. Glad to hear my nephew Noah is doing good. He had that nasty Rotovirus. Icky. Glad he is home and doing well.
Some great news in our household. Ms. Riles has now figured out how to ride her bike without training wheels! We stopped at a friends house in town the other day cause riles had to go potty. Her granddaughters were riding without training wheels, and riles hopped on a bike and started to go. It was such an amazing sight.
Danny has been asking questions lately. A lot of questions. Questions I can't answer until we know more info about mom. She is truly his best friend. If he doesn't call her to go play, she calls him. He loves her so much. It is good to see they have a good relationship.
Well, I will leave you with some pics from the river.
stacy and baby hadleigh
AUNT BRANDY ROCKS! (screamed by Riles)
digging for treasure
(Hadleigh and Turtis)
Kevin and Kynnedi Chick and 411
no trainers
baby feet


grandmacarnes said...

Wow, is Faylynn a carbon copy or WHAT? How's about that Hadleigh, who does she look like? What a cute chubby face, what a hoot!

I love the bike riding without training wheels and the John Deere boots, funny.

supermom said...

great pics. Stacey has some adorable little ones!

And Riley, you go girl! That is so awesome! Where there is a will, there is a way!

grandmacarnes said...

Riles been up to anything lately? I want to see photos!!!