Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life and Drama:
Life has happened here in our household. We found out a week ago my mom has cancer. This time in a totally new place than when she had it before, 32 years ago. We went for a consult with the oncologist, whom I LOVED. He is such a nice, informative, doctor. I know he is just right for my quirky family. Unfortunately,
the drama cannot be spared. I refuse to argue with anyone, fight, or place myself in the middle of any situation. I REFUSE.
I am here to be strong for MY MOTHER. I am here to support her and my family in anyway I can, but I will not fight. I will not argue. Please don't attempt to try. I will walk away.
My sister and I will be made her power of attorney in case life should get bitter. If this time should ever happen I will not accept the criticism from anyone. I will do my very best for this ENTIRE situation. I can guarantee I will give 200% of myself. I promise to do my very best.

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