Sunday, June 15, 2008

Papas, girls in boots, and a hired boy,

Riles and Danny love to play outside with sticks. They gather the sticks up and place them in one of their forts which is either in front of the bay window outside my bedroom, or under the big pine tree that sits next to our driveway. I love to watch them gather their stash and store it. It is so fun to watch them together.
Blackie came down today to put his mower away. Riles walked back with him, and they talked the whole way. Sometimes I wonder what they talk about. Knowing Blackie he is pulling her leg somehow.

In order to get danny to pose for pictures today, I had to pay him $5.00! The little scamp. I hate not having pictures of him to post, or scrapbook, but he just doesn't like me taking pictures. I got some today tho! lol.. and man are they good. Not much going on in my world. How about you?


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Deanne said...

I absolutly love the pictures of Danny and Riles holding hands and her and Blackie walking away from you. What a treat. I have a picture of Danny I am going to send you so that you can scrap it and post it.
Auntie D.