Friday, April 25, 2008

I hugged my child today...hard.
In our rinky dink, small town, population (of combined high school, middle school , AND elementary school) 500 kids, there was a bomb threat. Yes, I said BOMB THREAT. Deep down, I knew it was probably a hoax, but heart was pounding, and i waited frantically with other parents to pick up my son. When I got him off the bus, I hugged him, and started crying. In front of his friends, so I was probably the most uncool mom ever, but man, I didn't realize how relieved I would be to see him okay. I wasn't the only mom crying either. I hope I'm the last. I hope.
I don't understand while children think it is funny to write things like this, to get out of school, why not just skip? That's what we did..if you got caught, at least it wasn't a FELONY. You got a day in ISS, and your parents were called. yep..makes me glad to be raising children during these turbulent times.

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supermom said...

wow, who would have thought in the little old town in your area. the world we live in is so messed up! it is so frightful that our precious children have to grow up with these fears. it is totally not fair. i am totally with you. just skip and take an ISS. skipping was way fun!