Thursday, June 21, 2007

More photo fun with PSE 5.0
I LOVE this version of photoshop elements! Why did i wait so long? I took the kiddos to the park on Monday to feed the ducks(did you know feeding the ducks is so LAME for a 10 year old? What kind of mother am i to subject my son to that?). Well..once Riles saw the park..feeding time was OVER. Danny decided HE was too mature to feed the ducks, it was to lame. So, he pouted in the van and riles and I went to feed the ducks. First, we had to play on the playground. These pics are one of the several reasons why I love PSE 5.0. I can easily convert to black and white, and then adjust things a bit to get the right shading I want. I love these pics of riles, and can't wait to scrap them.

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