Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Before's and After's
I think I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I have THE BEST mother in law in the world. She remembers every special occasion, listens to me ramble, watches the most spirited one (often!), accepts my son as her very own grandchild, bakes THE BEST lemon pound cake (and gives it to moi!), AND has so much family history preserved I am walking on air whenever she gives me photos to scan. Not just any photos...OLD..family historic photos..like the ones of her parents wedding, chris as a baby, toddler, young man, and sailor. Pat saves it all. I envy that. I wish I had more than one baby photo, report cards, and school pictures..of myself. Anyway, after we have all agreed she is the best ever! I would like to show you some before and after photos. Pat gave me these photos last year, I scanned them, and I have edited them in Photoshop Elements 5.0. Now, they are not the best edited photos, but my goal was to be able to see their faces, or enhance the quality of the photos. I absolutely LOVE the photos of her parents on their wedding day, and the pic of her mom by the tree..one of my very favorites faves! I also realllllly like the one of her and blackie's father(s). I can actually see what Pa B. looks like..blackie looks just like him! lol..anyway, here they are.
here are the after's
and the before's


:Jayne said...

You are kicking butt with this photoshop stuff! Love your old pics, I love old pics too!


Deanne said...

These are awesome! These are fantastic treasures, you don't realize how much you appreciate pictures until you can't get them.
Love ya.

Brandy said...

hi auntie wendy its kenzie