Thursday, June 14, 2007

Conversations with a 10 year old...
"mom, are we going to the river on the fourth?"
"Yes, danny, why?"
"Sweet! do you know uncle mike's friend zach (who is so cool, because he is a REAL LIFE SOLDIER!) will be home and we are going to cook fish? Will uncle buff be there with his big fireworks (this is NOT what he called knows what we call them, but i did not want to use that word..for all i know it would alert homeland security)?"
"Yes, danny, i know zach is coming home, and I don't know if uncle buff will be there, and since when did you start calling him uncle buff?"
"Well, i had to find a way to keep it straight in my brain..i call him uncle buff, and uncle mike, ya know aunt brandy's husband, uncle mike. this way, i know who i am talking about. do you get it mom, i call him uncle buff, cause that is the short part of his last name.."
"Uh..yes, danny. I get it."
"Cool, i like going to the river mom, i like making s'mores, and playing in the fire, and uncle buff is the best griller. did you try his beans last time? They were AWESOME!"
"yes, danny I have tried his beans before."
"did you know he (uncle buff) knows how to remake his own bullets. how cool would that be mom?" (Uh..not very danny, you would blow my house up)

"yes danny..i did." "I have been here for awhile ya know."
"sorry mom, did you know i like pie?"
"sorry mom, i will sit back and enjoy the ride. hey riles! Guess where we get to go on the fourth of july? Guess what we get to do there? wait until you hear uncle buff's fireworks! you should taste his beans..they rock. "
uncle buff and the beans


Deanne said...

That's awesome!! I am going to print this out and take it home for "uncle buff" to read!! He will be in 7th heaven!!
Auntie D.

Brandy said...

LOL I so love knowing that you get the 1001 questions too!

:Jayne said...

I love his enthusiasm!