Saturday, March 05, 2011

Updates on us...
not a lot to report on us. The kiddos will turn a year older (each) towards the end of the month. We are trying to plan a party that works for both of them. It is hard when there is such an age gap between them. Danny is doing well in school this year. The maturity and responsibility he has gained is amazing. Riles is still Riles. She loves school and enjoys learning. She is excited to change schools next year and be able to play with her friends in town after school. Danny...not so excited; however, once the school year gets started and he meets some new friends, I bet his outlook on it will change. I hope so. Chris and I have decided if he does not adjust well we can always change him back. He will be studying for his permit soon. I cannot believe he is old enough for this. The years have flown so fast.
I am looking forward to spring break and winding down of the school year. As I look back on the class from this year, I can see how much we have grown. Me as a teacher, and them as individuals. I will miss this class. Some of them, I have had for 2 years. Others I wish I had more time with, time to help them become more successful, and to cherish them a little longer. Sometimes, it breaks my heart to see them go on.
Happy Saturday.

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Lauren said...

My mother is a teacher aswell, and I have heard her say some of the same things about her students.

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