Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Seizure
It is 3:58 a.m. and all I hear is a blood curdling "Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhh, " and then he is silent. I jump out of bed, saying "danny, danny what is wrong?" as I hurry down the hall, through the dining room, and into his bedroom. I see him, lying on his bed, gasping for breath as his body seizes. I try to stay calm, calling to Chris "He's seizing." He asks me "do you want me to call the squad?" I say "No, he will come out of it." All the while, thinking to myself, "OMG this is taking to long..will he come out of it?" He slowly starts to take deeper breaths and his body starts to relax. He makes moaning noises now, and slowly tries to raise his head. I rub his arms and legs, talking to him the whole time. Telling him how brave he is and he will be fine. I always talk to him while he is having one. I want him to know I am there. I don't know if he hears me, but I just want him to feel safe. It is 4:00 a.m.

After about 5 minutes he looks at me and can talk again. He is weak. He needs help scooting up in bed and asks for a drink. He asks me to wipe his face and "can I have a hug?" It takes awhile for him to gain his strength and he then moves to the couch. "Can we rent a movie? I want to watch Percy Jackson." "I'm hungry now." So it begins. A new day. Just as we were getting too comfortable with his seizures being controlled, it sneaks back up and makes us aware.
Makes me aware how very much I love this boy.


supermom said...

poor guy. do they know what is causing these for him?

Claire said...

Hi there. I so know your worry. I too have a son who has seizures. It started when he was almost 4. Bruce is now 11 going on 12 and is such an amazing kid. We were diagnosed with TLE (tempral lobe epilepsy) and were on meds for quite a while. We have been off meds for about 3 years total now and I am always waiting for the next one. Hang in there. I know first hand how scary it is to see your child seizing. My husband and I started a non profit called to try and help families with kids going through life threatening illnesses. That is what we do to try and "pass it on". God bless.

Andi Liang said...

I hope he gets better at controlling the seizures
( btw, I love Percy Jackson! It used to be my favorite series in Elementary School)