Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Riles' Express...
This bike. This tree. This place. This time. It's special. Special to a little girl who dreams of being a "fiderfider" (fire fighter) and growing up to help people. "I just want to help people, mom."
This bike takes her places. Places in space, far away lands, and to her very best friend's in the whole wide world, Grandma Pat's.
At least three times a day, I cannot find her. I hear her call "I'm gonna go ride my bike, ok?" and then she disappears. Disappears to a place where ice cream before dinner doesn't matter, a place where someone is willing to put everything aside and give her their undivided attention, a place where tea parties are held, pretend fires are put out by the fire truck (it's ladder goes up, it's soo cool!) and a place where being 7 and asking a million questions is simply ok.
All of these things happen at home, too, just not as often as she would like them too.
This place
is magical.


Cindy said...

I LOVE THE RILES EXPRESS! She's going to look back on all this time with grandma and grandpa forever with such fondness. She cracks me up!

Kathy said...

Riles has such a sweet wonderful caring heart and she will always bring sunshine and happiness to those she meets. And as she gets older, she will always be able to pull out all the wonderful memories of Grandma Pat and there is nothing more precious in life than wonderful memories of such great times together. Love you Riles

Jules said...

Love the bike and the little girl who rides it into her dreams. I am a much older girl who still does the same thing!

supermom said...

Love it! I felt like I was there with her. Great picture Wendy!