Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Please support CHD (congenital Heart disease) and pray for all those affected by this disease. .....

Sorry it has been so long since I updated. There really isn't much happening in our neck of the woods, except we are all so tired of winter. Not much of a news flash is it? lol.. We are planning the kids' birthday party(ies), and think we have decided on a bowling party. Riles and Danno both received great grades on their report cards. It always blows me away when I look at them. I always think Danny just does the minimum required (which most of the time he does, takes after me he does.) but when I look at his report card it is really pretty good. Riley always has the same thing...exceeds expectations,but needs to worry about herself. :)
I am gearing up and looking forward to the next sister's breakfast this weekend, and then in two weeks Fickel, Mindy, and I are going to Fremont to a weekend crop there. I cannot wait! I am so excited. We have not been anywhere together (for a weekend) for awhile now.
Here are some after pics of Danny's Star Wars Lego set he received for Christmas.
Have a great week!

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