Monday, October 05, 2009

I had the opportunity to buy a turtle from Craigslist (via a teacher from school). I said YES! She assured me there isn't too much care needed..just clean water and someone to play with him. So, I brought him home today. The kids are absolutely thrilled, and have been observing him all night long. We have taken him out and played with him and he is now tucked into his aquarium where he can swim and relax.

Here are some pictures..



Cindy said...

THAT IS SO COOL! Our was much bigger, a lot of work and VERY SMELLY.......a nurse friend of mine had a sand turtle she kept outside in a spot by her house all summer. In the winter he was in the house in a sand pit inside a swimming pool in the basement. They had it 7 years when I left the floor.

Jules said...

I had one just that size when I was a kid...called him Sir Have fun and big congrats to your brother!

supermom said...

i just saw on the news today that you may want to take note: kids who have turtles may get salmonella if they do a lot of kissing and putting turtles in their mouths. now, i don't think they will put the turtle in their mouth. but he may get lots of kisses. just a heads up.