Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life and Drama:
Life has happened here in our household. We found out a week ago my mom has cancer. This time in a totally new place than when she had it before, 32 years ago. We went for a consult with the oncologist, whom I LOVED. He is such a nice, informative, doctor. I know he is just right for my quirky family. Unfortunately,
the drama cannot be spared. I refuse to argue with anyone, fight, or place myself in the middle of any situation. I REFUSE.
I am here to be strong for MY MOTHER. I am here to support her and my family in anyway I can, but I will not fight. I will not argue. Please don't attempt to try. I will walk away.
My sister and I will be made her power of attorney in case life should get bitter. If this time should ever happen I will not accept the criticism from anyone. I will do my very best for this ENTIRE situation. I can guarantee I will give 200% of myself. I promise to do my very best.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Remember...
I will always remember. The people who have served our country. In some way or another. I remember.
I remember being a small child and my dad telling funny stories of when he was in the Navy. Something regarding a 5 gallon bucket, and having to yell something into it. I remember him telling us about being near the Suez Canal, or had just been there when it was bombed. I remember looking through his Navy yearbook.
I remember being in Kindergarten, and my big brother joining the Army. I remember him sending big boxes of presents home from Korea. Coats with our names on them. A complete set of fatigues, complete with our last name on them, for Mike, brass statues, kimonos for shell and I.
I remember being in High School, and Ron going to Desert Storm. I remember being so scared. I remember driving down a runway to go pick him up when he came home, I remember the signs we made, and how happy we all were to see him home ALIVE.
I remember picking my brother Mike up from the airport after basic training. I remember gathering with my sisters at Deanne's and making, I believe, EIGHT 6 foot banquet tables FULL of homemade goodies to send to him while he was in Kosovo. We had such a good time doing that. I remember how proud I was to watch him give his son his army papers to hang on his bedroom wall.
I remember looking at my husbands Navy pictures. How proud I am he served for our country. So far from home for so long, for someone who has to have his family around him.
I am proud of my father in law, who served in Vietnam. My husband's grandfathers who learned how to make the best coffee in a helmet, in the depths of hell during WWII. I am proud to display Pa B's flag in our home. I am proud of my brother in law, who served in the Airforce. I am proud of the wives who get left behind. Left behind to take care of the family, and keep going strong.

To all who have served, to all who are serving, to all who wanted to serve and couldn't. Thank you.
Chris, whimp, danny, and riles.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Mother....
has cancer. again.
Prayers appreciated.
whimp and family

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Graduate..wore John Deere boots...
Riles graduated on Wednesday night. I was so very proud of her. She had volunteered for a speaking part, and stood so very nervously on the stage and welcomed everyone to the graduation program.
Here are some pictures of the festivities...

and here is the dork look:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad Mommy of the Year award goes too...


Yesterday Riles had preschool. It was SUPPOSED to be her snack and share day. Yep..guess who forgot to send snack? You guessed it. ME.

Then when she gets home, guess what happened? Her fish had died.

So..I went to the city and got her two new fish, and TWO frogs, plus a new aquarium to put them in. One frog is for her, and the other frog is for danno.
Now I can be a good mommy again.

(Riles graduates tomorrow night..stay tuned for pictures!)


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Guess What I got??
When I got my new cell phone, I was devastated to learn I could not download my trademark ringer. A ringer so rare, I haven't heard anyone else use before me. (Well... i am sure someone did, or why was it made...anyway, it was unique to ME).
Well.. guess what I got last night? "old" ringer back. for FREE! I feel complete again. Now, would you like to hear it?

Happy listening.