Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prayers needed...
My great niece, Hadleigh, is going in for a procedure today. Please keep Stacy, Curtis, Faylynn, and Haddie in your prayers. Let's hope everything goes great, and she can have her second stage surgery soon.

Hadleigh was born with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She had stage one surgery, and will need the second stage soon. Let's put our prayers together to help her out.


Brandy said...

Yep, got everything crossed I can. I love the picture of Mr. Nervouspants, if love was enough to get her through this there wouldn't even be a thought of concern.

grandmacarnes said...

I love that first picture, with that lone tear........LOOK, THEY ARE MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A, I guess that would be Miss Riles.