Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A boy, a girl, and a love for music....
My kiddos Loooove music. All types. Be it country, rap, hard rock, heavy metal, new age, and Kid's bop...they love and listen to it all. It has been amazing to watch this fascination grow. Yesterday, Riles "reminded" me the new Zac Brown Band cd was being released. So, being the "good" mom I am, I stopped and picked up the cd for her and one (from a different artist) for Danno. It was (kinda) quiet in our house for at least 30 minutes while they listened to their new "tunes" with head phones. I love how diverse their interests are.


Lainey-Paney said...

Yes, that is great!

R. Dank said...

it's good to hear somebody is promoting musical diversity amongst their children. problem is today, too many kids are living the iPod life, where twelve Justin Beiber songs get repeated over and over and over again, and they don't have the respect for the talented musicians who came before them, or the REAL musicians out there today.
It's good to know there is still hope out there for the future of (real) music!!!!