Saturday, May 23, 2009

Going to the river and we're gonna get diiirrrtyyy.

Wahoo! The first river trip of the summer. I can't wait. It is so much fun to go and hang out with my family peeps. Riles is up already and asking when we get to go. She needs a bath, but I think she can go dirty, just this ONE time. :) I have my camera ready to go (if i don't forget it), bought insect repellant yesterday, AND bought Danno a container of worms so he can go fishing. *sigh* Where has the time gone with him? He is such a wonderful soul. He loves to laugh and beat on his sister. He has such a caring heart (he buys her stuff all the time, he makes sure she is included), and he loves to fish. We (danno, riles, and I) have made such wonderful plans for this summer. We are going to try to go to living history farms, the lincoln children's museum, the elephant museum, Cocoa Keys (thanks for the great deal on tickets mindy), and they both want to go to Worlds of Fun (I don't know how much that will cost..we have a budget).
Wish us luck as summer starts!

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