Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a merry Christmas...
Kiddos are both happy. Danny's favorite gifts include the roboraptor, and the nerf tommy gun. Riley's favorites include her RC jeep, her digi camera (fisher price) and her fish. Yes. Real.Live. Fish. Daddy decided to buy the bowl, gravel, and food before christmas and then give her a gc to get the fish. She is absolutely in love.
Danny has been chasing army men all over with his raptor, and shooting every thing he can stand up with his nerf tommy gun.
I hope everyone had a merry christmas. Enjoy the new year, and be safe.


supermom said...

so, you were able to find the nerf gun. cool! and, now i know what the robo raptor is? very cool! sounds like a very merry christmas!

grandmacarnes said...

The roboraptor is the huge dinosaur he has in front of him. The camera probably makes her think she is like you, taking photos of everything and everybody. I wish I could have seen her face!