Saturday, August 27, 2011

A freshman, a third grader, and a new district...
The kiddos started their new school last week. Things seem to be going well. Riles loves "her new friends and we don't have lots of kids in my class. My teacher can answer my questions instead of ignoring me." Danno has said "it's cool. The kids are nice here too." I was worried he would not adapt well. He is a creature of habit and likes a specific routine. A routine without change and a familiar environment. (He is smiling when he comes home and loves going to grandma's.)  Riles on the other hand, craves for activity and change. She has to perform tasks a certain way, but doesn't mind if you change things up a bit. I love to see the light in her eyes when she talks about learning. She loves Diary of a Whimpy Kid and any world record book. :)
I am also back to school with 18 new little ones. I forget how hard it is in the beginning, but marvel at how well the little ones adapt to changes and quickly settle into a routine. I love teaching them. I love to see their eyes shine bright and hear my name called loudly as they run into our room each morning eager to share their news. The pride I feel when they master a new task must equal one of a parent.
I cannot wait to see how we will all grow this school year.